We are a boutique publisher of fine books suitable for any private or public collection. We promise to our patrons and avid collectors to maintain a level of excellence with each book we release.

We hold a conviction that art and the broad field of the humanities are powerful instruments for fostering understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds through the sharing of ideas, experience and emotions as well as the demonstration of shared values.

A few extraordinarily gifted individuals possess the ability to communicate the complexity of human experiences in ways that transcend time, culture and place. Onyema belongs in the rare of one of those endowed with the flair for imaginative enlargement of our common human heritage.

It is for this purpose that we are pleased to announce the release of Contemporary African Art: My Private Collection of Onyema Offoedu-Okeke by Dr. Okey Anueyiagu

Proceeds from Book Sales

Philanthropy plays an important part in our goal to be a good global citizens. It allows us to connect with people and make a positive difference in the communities where we do business and also those beyond our direct reach.

With each sale of Contemporary African Art a portion of the proceeds will be directed to provide free drugs to children in rural areas. Healthcare Facilities of Pediatric and Maternity hospital wards on local and rural communities are a top priority of our company. Our philanthropy reaches out to orphans and supports orphanages.