Offshore Protection

Brown Brommel along with its partners is a fully integrated offshore marine protection services company offering a full range of offshore patrol vessel equipped with state of the art Long and Short Range Radar Detection equipment.

Our value proposition is to provide companies with effective offshore security, to deter, and if necessary, intercept criminals and pirates before they enter into the exclusion zone around companies rigs or offshore production facilities.

We provide a 24 Hour/365 Day, round the clock presence with high speed interceptor boats capable of operating day and night in all weather conditions.

Brown Brommel and its partners have teamed up to provide an innovative and dynamic solution to Oil Companies operating offshore in Nigeria and West Africa.

Our aim is to be the company of choice in the Offshore Security Industry in Nigeria and West Africa. Our integrated service solution provides a complete end to end solution.

  1. Vessels
  2. Vessel Management
  3. Navy Personnel
  4. Fleet Masters and Crew
  5. Training
  6. Navigation , Communications & Security  Equipment
  7. Training

Our service provision will include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Fast State of the Art Vessels;
  2. Ability to Operate Day and Night in all weather conditions
  3. Manned by Military Trained Personnel with full superior Military Equipment and Compliments.
  4. Equipped with Radar and Night Vision capability
  5. Equipped with Communication Equipment capable of hailing intruders, alerting on and offshore personnel to any risk and danger, and making immediate contacts with other security forces in the area
  6. Able to defend the installations and personnel in the event of an aggressive criminal attack or action.
  7. Able to board potentially hostile vessels.
  8. Dedicated to be on station FULL TIME