Inspection of Refineries in Europe and Around the World for Relocation to BB Refinery in Nigeria

As part of Nigerian government effort to fast track the local refining capacity of petroleum products in Nigeria, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) initiated the co-location program of refineries within the complexes of government owned Refineries in Kaduna, Port Harcourt and Warri respectively.

To achieve this objective, nine companies submitted bids to the NNPC to co-locate refineries side by side with the three NNPC refineries. Brown Brommel won the bid for the Warri Collocation project.

To ensure that the refinery, when collocated to Warri shall be able to produce refined Petroleum products to acceptable standard specifications in a hitch free manner, Brown Brommel sent a team of Engineers to prospective Refineries in Europe and around the world to enable the company take a decision.

The task for the team involved the evaluation of the process performance capacity and economic viability of the refineries and the evaluation of the integrity reliability and availability of process units of the refineries for safe, profitable and trouble free operations.

During the inspection, discussions with key officers of the refineries were held, relevant data was obtained, the refinery units, laboratories and spare parts stocks were evaluated.

Pictures taken during the inspection tours are shown below.